”Rembrandt only used 4colors, be the Rembrandt of Pilates”
– Bob Liekens

Classical Pilates Education

The Pilates Standard

Ensuring the Legacy

The Pilates Standard (TPS) is an international Pilates teacher training school. Teaching classical Pilates education programs is our mission and we are passionate about upholding the ground breaking work of Joseph Pilates that was passed on to us over the last three decades by Mr Pilates disciple, Romana Kryzanowska and her student Bob Liekens. We uphold the teachings of the traditional method, with help of archival documentation, as the system is both brilliant and effective.
Our goal for apprentices is that they will learn to teach the method according to classical Pilates standards.
TPS instructors learn the extensive Pilates system focused on both physical and mental incorporation with a deep knowledge and understanding of the exercises. Our teachers learn to utilize all of the pieces of equipment that are based on Joseph Pilates original designs. TPS teachers learn how to teach without losing the expansiveness of the method.

Our curriculum is based on three systems that each contain levels and progressions.

We offer pilates education in both Matwork and Comprehensive (aparatus) program.

The Pilates Standard
Classical Pilates Education


The Pilates Standard started 2013 with Bob Liekens as a Co-owner and coordinator, creator of our educational programs and its educational materials. With his more than thirty years in the Pilates industry, trained students, clients, mentoring teachers and created educational and workshop materials for other Pilates Schools. Bob was a true student of Romana Kryzanowska.  Our goal was very clear
to ensure that the legacy Joseph Pilates gave Romana Kryzanowska and she passed on to Bob, Phoebe Higgins, Cary Regan and others was kept. To create clear and structured training manuals without the material becoming too much/overwhelming for our future students.
The inspiration to the LEAP was to finely create a second manual that would ensure that the knowledge was kept to the ”new generation of Pilates Teachers” – You!


Our Programs

First and foremost there is the requirement that you as a teacher completely understand the Method in you own body. Practice and learn the exercises from A to Z without failure. You will want to embody your teaching. Then there is the challenge to share your experience with your clients only from your own experience!


A 4×2 days program with the levels Intro, Ideal, Anatomy & Orthopedic fundamentals and Challange and only one exam


The full vocabulary and apparatus, a 6×3 day program and includes a total of 400 – 600 apprentice hours. 3 check ups and one final exam, First timer/Intro – Challange level, Anatomy & orthopedic fundamental.


A 3 block – 14 days Learning Educational Advancement Program. No exam, only  inspiration, deepen your knowledge and to challange your teaching

TPS Community

We are all passionate instructors with various backgrounds from Sweden in the north to Greece and Italy in the south all the way over the Atlantic ocean to the Untited States. We´ll keep on growing to make sure the Legacy will remain. 


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