The full vocabulary and apparatus, a 6×3 day program and includes a total of 450 – 600 apprentice hours. 3 check ups and one final exam, First timer/Intro – Challenge level, Anatomy & orthopedic fundamental.


THE PILATES STANDARD Studio Apparatus Training is the most comprehensive program available today.

It is a 9-18 month course with 450 – 600 apprentice hours required. The program contains exercises of all levels (First timer - Challenge) including exercises on Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs, Barrels, Ped-0-Pull and Magic Circle. This program can also be taken in an intensive course over 12 days. Educational content of the Comprehensive - Studio Apparatus training is teaching Pilates lessons to clients of any age or fitness level, systematic planning of a lesson using all apparatuses, using the Pilates principles in regard to: INTRO, IDEAL and CHALLENGE exercises Methodic und Didactics.

  • 6 intensive weekends (1. FIRST TIMER level, 2. INTRO level, 3. IDEAL level, 4. IDEAL level, 5. Ideal Level and Anatomy/orthopedic foundation, 6. CHALLENGE level)
  • 24h student meetings (mandatory)
  • 450 – 600 observation hours in an affiliate studio of THE PILATES STANDARD or an approved studio (observation hours begin after the first weekend course) THE PILATES STANDARD reserves the right to decide number of observation hours required by each student.
  • Attendance of at least 1 Pilates class per week (THE PILATES STANDARD can change the amount of trainings hours for each individual student)
  • Teach one beginner lesson (in approved studio)
  • During THE PILATES STANDARD studio apparatus training 450 – 600 observation hours are required before taking the final exam.

The exact number varies from student to student depending on how the material is processed.
Do not compare yourself with other students. After the first weekend you will begin observation hours. Please submit your hours to the studio in which you complete them. The duration of the course is 9-18 months. If the timeframe is extended a tuition may be raised by €150/month.


  • Teaching Pilates sessions for clients of all ages and physical capacities
  • Systematically structuring sessions using all pieces of equipment
  • Application of the Pilates principles in teaching the INTRO, IDEAL, and CHALLENGE level exercises.
  • Methodology and didactics
  • Application of THE PILATES STANDARD teaching principles
  • Modifications and variations
  • Anatomy pertinent to Pilates
  • Handle clients with “special conditions” 
  • Post-rehabilitative training and teaching technique


  • THE PILATES STANDARD INTRO Matwork training or a minimum of 10 Matwork sessions
  • A minimum of 10 sessions on the Pilates apparatuses taken in an affiliate studio of THE PILATES STANDARD or other approved studio.
  • During the Comprehensive education you must complete 450-600 apprentice hours.


  1. Observe lessons in approved studio
  2. Assist other teachers
  3. Practice independently
  4. Attend a minimum of 1 group class per week attend weekly apprentice meeting
  5. Set up, clean and maintain equipment teach INTRO - CHALLENGE mat classes
  6. After 300h check up, start to teach "clients" in the studio


Upon passing the exam you will receive THE PILATES STANDARD Comprehensive certificate of completion. If a retest is needed, you can retest within a total of 3 months.

1st retest free within 3 month.
2nd retest fee= $100 within 2 months. 3rd retest fee= $100 within 3 months.