Fast on wheels – How to rock the Reformer – Part 2



Fast on wheels - Part 2

  • 0,5 hours Master Class, Challenge Reformer 

  • 0,5 hours Lecture, Review: Why to be fast? The theory behind it.
  • 2,5 hours Workshop, Challenge Level on the Reformer 
  • 0,5 hours Practice, Challenge Reformer


Fast on wheels - How to rock the Reformer

Want to have a sweaty workout on the Reformer? Speed it up! But it's not about rushing it, it's about knowing the transitions - and every single detail. That makes you fast. Discover the secrets of a racy Reformer - and be fast on wheels!

The main point of the workshop series: Pilates is a workout. 

To make a Reformer session a real workout, you need to speed it up.

And to speed it up, you have to know every single detail that connects the exercises - the correct apparatus scan, the most effective transitions, the right way to breath. That is what this workshop is about.

The workshop series consists of three parts that build on each other. 

  • Part I is Intro and Ideal Level in the Reformer
  • Part II is Challenge Level on the Reformer
  • Part III is the Full Order on the Reformer

We recommend to attend part I if you want to participate in part II, and we recommend in part II if you want to participate in part III. It is not required - but it helps a lot. 

Note: The workshops are not about the exercises, the workshops are about the apparatus, the transitions, the breath. It is helpful if you know the exercise, but you don't need to know every detail.

Have fun with us - and join us for a racy round on the Reformer!