Camilla Ceruti

Camilla have been teaching Pilates from 2009 and I own a Contrology studio in Mantova, Area di Volo.

She started my path with Karine Cid in Verona, where I graduated with Power Pilates. There I met Bob Liekens during a continuing education meeting and hosted him in my studio in 2018 for a two days workshop, one of his lasts I believe. It is on that occasion I asked him to join TPS to become a teacher trainer.

She come from a very different background: I graduated in architecture and design in Milan, for years I had been working in fashion and graphic design, meanwhile I was training in the Pilates center in Mantova.
Pilates became my passion, so much that my teacher of the time, Monica, decided to enroll me in a matclass teaching program.
It is at that time that she realized I really loved to teach, so that I convinced many of my students to become teachers as well.
This is the reason why she decided to become teacher trainer: She felt the need to transmit her passion to future trainers, to inspire others, as much as my trainers did with her