Josephine von Zastrow

Josephine von Zastrow Pilates is my passion. 

The classical method fascinates me because it connects - and changes - the head and the body. I started with contemporary Pilates and did my mat and equipment training. Looking for more depth, I found classical Pilates - and my home. I owe my classical training to Tony Rockoff of The Pilates Standard and have completed The Pilates Standard's teacher trainer program. I teach classical Pilates in my small studio in Lübeck, Germany. In my other life I am a journalist by profession - and teach at a journalism school.

Karen Pecarsky

Malene Pedersen

Owner of Pilateshuset in Denmark. Felt in love with Pilates when she was first introduces to it during an International Student Visa Program on Broadway Dance Center NY in 2007. Educated Classical Comprehensive Teacher in 2009 and Physical Therapist in 2014. She loves how she can combine those two professions and teaches Pilates to everybody - from rehab to athletes. 

Marta Mazzola

Monique Weevers

Nicole de Bresser

Nora Gomez-Dears

Nora Gomez-Dears is the founder and director of Atelier Pilates since 2001. Atelier Pilates was a large Pilates teaching facility in Somerville, MA from 2001-2016. Under Nora's guidance, hundreds of students in the US and abroad received formal training in classical Pilates through Power Pilates and Buff Bones. Atelier Pilates also hosted well-known Pilates instructors through the 15 years in Somerville, MA. ( i.e. Michelle Larsson, Lolita San Miguel, Alex Garcia, Amy Taylor Alperns, Debora Kolwey to name a few.) 

Atelier Pilates provided the most up-to-date instruction, equipment and licensed Pilates instructors in the New England area. Nora has now brought this level of expertise to Naples, Florida. The "new" Atelier Pilates in N. Naples offers private and semi-private lessons. This private space allows students to work on individual needs without distractions or interruptions. Nora will develop a unique and customized program to enhance the client's level of fitness, coordination, and injury prevention. It is Nora's belief that a customized and supervised workout will help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

Nora Machione-Weiss

Pamela Clark

Petra Karlsson

Founder and National Director / Teacher trainer - Sweden

With almost 20 years of teaching the Pilates method and with a Dr of Naprapathy degree, I always involve the experience and my passion to explore the body movement into my teaching and how to teach it with simplicity and clarity.

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