3 Länder – 1 Sprache ONLINE Event

Teaching is in german Samstag, den 25. Mai 2024 Presenter: Bigna Knecht (CH), Julia Pauer Magin (D) & Sandra Käfer (A)

Archival Workshop Day

Archival Workshop Day live in Hamburg, only if you will attend live in Hamburg. If you want to join online by zoom, please make the booking under TPS Symposium, New York.

Best Agers

A workshop on how to work with the Elderly clientele. We learn more about Osteoporosis hip replacement but most of all how to take an elder person safe through a session. Also Available online through Zoom.

Challenged Mat with Small Props

Available live or online through Zoom. The purpose of the Challenge Mat with Small Props workshop is to instruct how to teach a Challenge Mat class and incorporate the use of the Magic Circle or small weights into the class.

Complete Mat

A 4×2 days Matwork program with the levels Intro, Ideal, Anatomy & Orthopedic fundamentals and Challenge with only one exam.


The full vocabulary and apparatus, a 6×3 day program and includes a total of 450 – 600 apprentice hours. 3 check ups and one final exam, First timer/Intro – Challenge level, Anatomy & orthopedic fundamental.


Available live or online through Zoom. A workshop on how to finish a session. From uncle Joe's " traditional ending " to the various ways we could wrap up a vigorous workout. We will cover not only the Cadillac, but also the Reformer options, the Magic Circle, the Wall and the Pedi-pole .

Event Mantova

A full day with workshop and masterclasses, choose which workshops you would like to attend at checkout.